Everybody knows about the benefits of regular physical exercise. But not all have this will power. It is often thought - that would be my personal coach, who “forced” to engage me in command - “One, two, three …”. Application Coach Voice is designed to do just that. The voice of Siri-like, will prompt you to the next exercise and keep counting repetitions, setting the tempo. At the end of workout, it will declare the real time of the workout.

A set of exercises you make for yourself, depending on the physical condition and preferences. «Coach Text» - this is the text that will be uttered at the beginning of the exercise synthesizer. «Begin pause” - the time in seconds after the start of the exercise and “began!” Command. You specify the number of repetitions and time of each repeat. Besides the usual reference of repetitions can be divided into an exercise in «Phases of exercise,” such as “right, left” or “up, down.” The coach will submit these teams. Repeat Time is divided equally between the phases. Exercise can copy and paste, for example, to a different location of the workout. The system pasteboard is not used.

The application can set reminders, signaling you in the set time of the need to begin your workout.

Press the “stop watch” can change the number of repetitions of all exercises at the same time, adjusted so the total load workout.

Several different workouts can be stored in the application memory.

Workout can be exported and imported in text format via the pasteboard.