BlackCalc - Calculator for Apple Watch

BlackCalc is a convenient and functional calculator with a concise design. Since it is designed primarily for Apple Watch, the number of required buttons is minimized. Some things are done with the help of swipe or long tap. On the keyboard of this calculator you will not even find the “=” button, which is shown on its icon;)

To get the result, just tap the indicator! A long tap of the indicator resets the result and resets the operation with a constant. When entering a number, you can delete the last digit with left swipe, or turn the Digital Crown “back” (only for watch, naturally). Right swipe opens additional mathematical functions.

Digital Crown can be used to quickly multiply or divide the result by 10. Swipe up - read the memory register. Swipe down - write the result to the memory register. To recall the settings, use Force Touch. On the iPhone, for this purpose, the “i” button is located in the upper right corner of the screen. For the owners of thick fingers, which is difficult to get on the buttons on a small screen of the watch is configured “Big buttons.”

In this mode, there will be only 4 buttons on the screen, which is much easier to get by. Of course, you’ll have to do more clicks to perform the calculation.