BlackCalcPro - Calculator for Apple Watch

BlackCalcPro is a convenient and functional calculator with a concise design. Since it is designed for Apple Watch, the number of required buttons is minimized. Some things are done with swipes or long taps. On the keyboard of this calculator, you will not even find the “=” button, which is shown on its icon;) To get the result, just tap the indicator! In the description, we, however, will designate this action by the symbol “=”. The previous result and the selected action are displayed in the information line above the indicator. If the calculation “=” is completed, the calculator will enter the mode of operation with a constant:

You can enter other numbers, then “=” - the specified operation will be performed with the specified number. In this case, multiplying by 65. If you tap the arithmetic operation button, the constant mode will be canceled and the application will continue to work in the usual mode. BlackCalcPro can calculate the arithmetic mean of a sequence of numbers. Simply enter a number and “=”, then the next, etc. In the information line will be “Avg” and the number of entered numbers.

The calculator allows not only to perform usual arithmetic operations, but also extended mathematical functions: logarithmic, trigonometric, raise to a power (including negative and fractional), calculate factorials and so on. To switch to this mode, use right swipe.

A long tap of the indicator resets the result and resets the operation with a constant. When entering a number, you can delete the last digit with the left swipe, or by turning the Digital Crown “back”. Digital Crown can be used to quickly multiply or divide the result by 10. The calculator has a memory register. Swipe up - read the memory register. Swipe down - write the result to the memory register. The memory register and the result on the indicator are saved even after the application is unloaded from the memory. With the help of a Force Touch, you can go to the settings.

In addition to calculator functions, BlackCalcPro can also be a counter and a value converter. You only need to select the appropriate “Mode” in the menu shown above.


Simply adds (+) or subtracts (-) “1” to the number on the indicator. Go to the keyboard you can swipe left. Return to the counter - to the right.


Allows you to convert the values ​​of different systems (mostly metric <-> english). You must select the type of values ​​in the upper picker using the Digital Crown. And then - the specific values ​​in the lower pickers. The upper indicator shows the converted value, and the lower one shows the conversion result. In the example, 5 pounds are recalculated into kilograms. Pressing the upper indicator (or left swipe) returns the keyboard, on which you can, for example, type the value of the next value, and if you click on the bottom one, the keyboard will also appear, but the indicator will already have the result of the conversion, which can be used for further calculations. Swipe on the keyboard to the right switches back to the converter. In the future it is planned to expand the number of different values. The selected type and set of values ​​are stored until the next start of the converter.

For the owners of thick fingers, which is difficult to get on the buttons on a small screen of the watch is configured “Big buttons”. In this mode, there will be only 4 buttons on the screen, which is much easier to get by:

Of course, you’ll have to do more clicks to perform the calculation.